One of the major tourist destinations in Mediterranean known as Cyprus will be hosting a poker tournament starting from November 22 to December 2,2019. The said event will be divided into groups, supported by two populous island, Turkey and Greece. Players will be battling for the grand price worth 1,000,000 euro. 

A very unique set up is awaiting, since players were advised to take the main airport in North Cyprus, Ercan Airport. This is for them to be able to reach their destination, the “Noah’s Ark Resorts”.  

Having said, Noah’s Ark Resort is a five-star hotel, a seven-story building, designed and shaped like the famous biblical Ark. Its architectural design was deeply spectacular since it includes an overlooking sea view. 

They are not only known for with its architectural design, but also with its luxurious services, such as steam bath and massage. From relaxing services readily offered, it has also ravishing amenities like gym area, designed for aerobatics classes. Moreover, it has a holiday village with 280 rooms, designed for the guests who will be residing at the ground level. Private access will be given, since its amenities includes outdoor activities such as swimming and a snack bar.

The said organisers had been running events successfully for five years until they decided to focus on cash festivals. They made events for WPT in Montenegro and Cyprus back in 2014 until 2015. They also organised events in cooperation with Russian biggest poker forum Gipsyteam in 2016 to 2017. But for 2019, they are fully equipped to bring tournaments back with the ImpokerEvents brand since they ran 4 Artemis Poker Classic.

All floors are known to be professionals, since they have been working in the field of poker for several years. Their name comes from the first letters of Innovative management of poker (Impoker). It is definitely a must go spot to play “The Golden Million”.