Kyrenia (Girne), Cyprus
May 13, 2019

Cyprus’s own citizen, Andreas Christoforou bags the top prize of US$ 565,157 at the recently held 2019 Merit Poker Classic Main Event at the Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and Casino in Girne. The Main Event prize gave Christoforou his largest winning so far.

Christoforou began with a short chip count at the final table. He had the opportunity to double his money after he rivered top-ranking British player Ludovic Geilich with a pair of aces to beat a pair of nines.

Christoforou beat 2014 Israeli Poker Championship 1st placer Liran Twito. Twito earned US$ 416,245 from the game. Coming in third is Ontario native Kristen Bicknell who won the top prize in the No Limit Hold’em Hyper Turbo Knockout Event of the 2019 European Poker Tour in Monte Carlo. Bicknell earned US$ 254,770 from the Merit Poker Main Event.

Being a resident of Cyprus, Christoforou is a mainstay in the local tournament scene. In March, He placed 5th in the Merit Poker Top Guns event and earned US$ 8,600. In October 2018, he won US$ 4,235 at the No Limit Hold’em Main Event of the Merit Poker Cup Vintage.