Former WSOP Main Event Winner, Greg Raymer took down his record fifth Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) Ameristar East Chicago Main Event Title after defeating Evan Bethyo in an action-packed heads-up battle.

The 55-year-old pro, also known as “FossilMan”, is HPT’s all-time title holder. He now ranks as third-highest earning player on the tour after his recent main-event win.

This year’s HPT Main Event generated a prize pool of $748,800 from 520-entries. The tournament paid out its top 54 finishers

Final Table Action

It was the battle of the short stacks for the remaining nine players of the HPT Main Event. Blinds where relatively high in relation to the stack sizes in play and so every decision was almost a shove or fold.

The slew of eliminations was determined by standard all-in races (pairs vs, high cards) and due to relatively short stack sizes, the field was quickly down to the last four remaining players.

A notable hand came up when Bethyo three-bet shoved over Mark Yofon’s open raise. Yofon immediately called as he held aces and Bethyo needed help with his pair of fours. Unfortunately for Yofon, Bethyo flopped a set and his huge spot to double-up became his demise.

A few hands later, Raymer sent David “The Maven” Gufreund to the rail. Gurfreund shoved his last 15 bigs against “FossilMan” who called with ace-king in a blind versus blind situation.

Heads-up Action

The heads-up battle between Raymer and Bethyo lasted for about an hour and a half. It was an intense up and down duel with Raymer immediately gaining the upper hand at the first two hands of the duel.

However, when it looked like Raymer was going to close out the tournament in the next few hands, Bethyo managed to preserve his stack and double-up.

Despite being met with a lot of resistance from Bethyo, Raymer was able to chip-up and maintain dominance by winning several small pots.

The final hand came as a limped-pot with both players having marginal holdings. Bethyo held queen-deuce and Raymer held eight-trey. The flop came ace-trey-queen giving both players a piece to work with.

Bethyo bet the flop and Raymer called.

The turn was an eight giving Raymer two-pairs.

After choosing to bet on the seemingly harmless turn card, Bethyo had committed most of his chips and had no choice but to call when Raymer check-raised him all in.

Bethyo failed to improve on the river and was eliminated in second place. He took home $104,789 as tournament runner-up.

Final Table Results

PlaceNamePrize Money
1Greg Raymer$171,411
2Evan Bethyo$104,789
3David Gutfreund$69,462
4Marc Yofon$48,295
5Tim Barany$36,147
6Bohdan Slyvinskyi$27,949
7Matt Schurter$22,732
8Dale Hackney$18,633
9Benjamin Craig$14,906