Phil Galfond seems to be succeeding in driving traffic into his site through the Galfond Challenge. However, his marketing attempts seems to be getting costly as he is currently down nearly €500,000 after 12 sessions of playing.

Galfond vs VeniVidi1993

In this time of writing, Phil Galfond and VeniVidi1993 have played 8,205 hands across 12 sessions.

Galfond had only two winning days January 23 and February 6. While VeniVidi won the rest and had two six-figure winning sessions (+€155,063 on Jan 27 and +€100,993 on Feb 3).

The Run it Once CEO is running at a ghastly – €58.65 loss per hand.

Some are already expressing their concerns for Galfond and offered advice that he should just forfeit and pay the side-bet his €200k against VV1993’s €100k.

Although a lot of viewers point out that PLO, especially when played HU, causes incredible downswings and Galfond might just be a victim of the run-out, some still thinks that VeniVidi is the more superior player and is reflected in the current results of the challenge.


Day 1VeniVidi1993€ 72,572.68
Day 2Phil Galfond€ 2,615.26
Day 3VeniVidi1993€ 84,437.52
Day 4VeniVidi1993€ 17,544.87
Day 5VeniVidi1993€ 155,063.52
Day 6VeniVidi1993€ 13.31
Day 7VeniVidi1993€ 52,057.13
Day 8VeniVidi1993€ 60,743.37
Day 9VeniVidi1993€ 12,706.51
Day 10VeniVidi1993€ 100,993.30
Day 11VeniVidi1993€ 15,647.36
Day 12Phil Galfond€ 87,940.91
Total -€ 481,223.40

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