Team in Cyprus Part 1 decided to treat its pros and other Asian poker players by giving the players a special invite to the Golden Poker Million held at Noah’s Ark in Cyprus.

Mike Kim personally brought his team to the Golden Poker Million and made sure that everything was well coordinated, even as far as going together with his team from the Airport to the hotel. No expense was spared for his team. Some of the team members flew in earlier but he still made sure that they are well-received and taken care of.

The Beginning Of The Journey

It was a long trip from their home base which is based in Manila. As he met with his team at the airport, he made sure that there would be no issue with the ticketing office as most people are confused with Cyprus- being separated into two parts. The south part of Cyprus requires a visa to get in so he made sure that his team landed in “Ercan Airport” which requires no visa. 

They flew in the night time so they could sleep during the flight. Disembarking on Istanbul, the flight has to make a shortstop before flying Ercan. It was a small stopover, but still enjoyable.

As they boarded the plane towards Ercan, the air of excitement was felt in the group. Taking selfies during the flight and having fun. It was their first time to ever visit a country as far as Cyprus. 

Landing in Ercan, the team was bound for Noah’s Ark. They did not have to wait for long as the organizers have arranged for them to be picked up from the airport to the hotel. It was a short trip that only took an hour or less to get to the hotel.

Arriving In Paradise

Upon arriving at the hotel they were amazed by what they saw, a beautiful hotel that was truly a paradise.

Upon unpacking in their respective rooms, They met up with the other teammates in order to start a small celebration for this special get-together. the first meet up of the complete team.

It was a great afternoon to meet in the open cafe. Mike Kim as the leader of the group met with the team and introduced everyone to each other. Everyone seems excited and socialize with each other. It was a great big group from all over Asia. 

It was a great moment for the team to share tips and strategies, everyone was excited and delighted to meet their new teammates. This trip would definitely leave good memories.

The game was on!

They were off to the field, playing some of the available games whether it be cash or tournament. They were testing the field, studying what they were up against. 

Tsoomoo Venus became second in chips for the High Roller event while the rest of the team was not quite successful. The other players weren’t having as much luck as Venus and the team was devastated. Still, the team was hungry for a win. 

The team decided to get rid of their bad luck by washing it off on the shores of Cyprus. Despite a much colder temperature, the team had fun and the beach was beautiful.

Jason Ambata By the Beach

Jason Ambata enjoyed the beach. Although it was cold, the beach was too tempting to resist. He wanted to experience the beauty of the mediterranean sea and It was his first time to reach this far side of the world.

Some of his teammates opted to swim in the pool. Overall it was a great way to start the day in this far off land away from their home.

Back to the tables, the team started socializing with other players and staff of the tournament. Tsoomoo Venus was quite serious that day as he was still in the Highroller event- He wanted to win one for the team.

The day past and the win was still elusive for the team. It was difficult as the players are new and their styles were different. Mike Kim still cheered them on and supported them. Pushing them and supporting them, he is still confident that he made the right choice in making his team.

After the Peptalk and some food, The team was ready to go back to the table. They came back to the field and prepared for a new battle.

The Icebreaker Cometh

Kim “The Icebreaker” Enriquez decided that he wanted to play the main event that day. The Icebreaker was determined to bring one for his team so he took his chair and used the skills he has learned that sharpened over the years. Grabbing chips left and right, finally, it was on the bubble time of the Main Event. The tournament had a special format, the people can win some money early if they reach 15% of the field, however, the game will continue until 10% is left.

Although it was late, Kim Enriquez slowly and patiently played his way to the money. It was the battle for who would make it to Day 2. With 10% of the field, Kim got hit hard on the first few hands after the bubble burst. With the cheers of his tea, Kim was inspired and got it back in the next few hands.

It was late and Kim had already played for more than 10 hours and was still determined to qualify for his team. Players after players were busted, The Ice Breaker had his team on his back, He knows he can do it and he wanted to make his team proud.

The final call was done. The bubble was burst and the floor manager congratulated everyone on the field for making it to Day 2 and Kim was satisfied.

“This was the hardest field I have ever played in my life. It was long and the players were great. It was hard to read them so I had to be careful about my moves. I couldn’t play tight because I came here to win for my Team and aim to be a champion of this great event”- Kim “The Ice Breaker” Enriquez

Although Kim was tired, he knows it still a long way to go to reach the final table. But for today. He was quite happy and he had his teammates with him. It was late so they went back to the room.

Tuned in to read about part 2 of Team’s journey in the Golden Poker Million only here at the Asian poker federation Live.