is a new site that started this year. In an already very competitive market, It still managed to burst into the scene with players being offered better options online.

Here are the current pros that bears the banner of Team Neverlose.

David Erquiaga aka “Dave Spade”

David Erquiaga or Dave Spade was the pioneering Pro of Already a known player in the Asian poker scene as a leader of his own group, it was a wise decision to recruit him. Currently at the number 3 spot in the GPI, he proudly wore the badge and became part of the family.

Jason Ambata

Jason Ambata was the second pro to join the team. Coming humble origins, he started playing poker like a lot other players-Play sites that use play money. Hearing about the news about the newly opened poker room, he was eager to test his skill on the real deal. He braved the crowd, conquered it, and has since become a regular. Friendly and known by a lot of players both local and foreign, He is currently ranking number 12 on the GPI, a welcome addition to the team.

Kim Enriquez aka “The Icebreaker”

Earning the monicker as icebreaker after hitting multiple warm-up events, Kim Enriquez showed that he has what it takes both locally and abroad. His first week wearing the badge proved he has what it takes. Taking down an event in Vietnam and recently was the last Asian man standing in the golden poker million in Cyprus. Definitely a star in the rising.

Current rank in the global poker index : 20

Tsolomon Erdene Erdene aka “Tsoomoo Venus”

Tsolmon Erdene Erdene Ochir is a PSPC winner. An online grinder and has a good cash record. He joined the team as they went to Cyprus. Now sharing his dreams with poker players in Mongolia, he is now trying to live a dream he has longed for.

Hassen Judeh

Hassen Judeh started playing at the early age of 16. He dealt in some of the biggest games in the UK-yes dealt! He was a dealer in some of the biggest rooms and biggest tournaments in Europe from “dusk till dawn” a free spirited, passionate individual, he aims to bring in a heart to the team.


Aris Reblora aka “The Milpman”

Aris Reblora joined the company late. Mike took notice of the passion he was bringing in and recruited him. The Milpman, Which stands for (Me I Love Poker) is a testament for his love of the game. He is currently planning visit Manila to meet his other teammates

Micheal “Mike” Kim

Micheal Kim or Mike Kim to his friends. The main man who was responsible for a lot of innovations in the poker industry in Manila. He Created a team of individuals from different backgrounds. Currently the Head of the APF poker room in Malate, Manila, He brings poker players from all walks of life to share the love of the game and the competition it brings.

“I believe there are a lot of talented players in Asia. they just were not given a chance. I recognized their talent and hopefully bring them to places they have never been in their life”

– Mike Kim

These players come from all over the world and they share one thing and a common goal, they all love poker and they play to NEVERLOSE.