The 2020 Aussie Millions Main Event reached its conclusion after Vincent “Wonky” Wan (Australia) defeated Ngoc Tai Hoang (Vietnam) heads-up, winning the prestigious ANTON jewelry bracelet, and his first ever Aussie Millions Main Event Trophy.

The tournament attracted 820 entries which built a whopping $8,200,000 in tournament prize pool.

The Main Event paid out its top 88 finishers and players who made it to the seven-handed final table were ensured of at least $240,080 AUD.

Notable players who were able to make it to in the money spots were, Kahle Burns (85th for A$15,580), Jack Salter (77th for A$15,580), Ben Lamb (39th for A$31,160), Steve O’Dwyer (38th for A$31,160) and Erik Sidel (5th for A$378,660)

Bryn Kenney was also spotted at the field although he wasn’t able to cash out.

Three-way deal

When Nino Ullman (Germany) got eliminated in 4th place, the three remaining players quickly agreed on an ICM deal.

The deal ensured that all of them would be walking home with at least $1,000,000 AUD.

NameChip CountICM DealDeal Agreed
Ngoc Tai Hoang (Vietnam)10,515,000$1,341,392$1,318,000
Vincent Wan (Australia)9,880,000$1,314,128$1,318,000
Gareth Pepper (New Zealand)4,215,000$973,003$1,000,000

The remaining players played for the ANTON jewelry bracelet and Aussie Millions trophy.

Pepper was eliminated in third place after shoving his remaining chips without looking at his hole cards from the small blind. Wan called with ace-high and sent Pepper to the rail after winning at showdown.

The final hand came when Hoang jammed in the small blind with ace-trey. The flop came jack-nine-six all spades giving Hoang the nut flush draw with his ace of spades. However, he is unable to improve and Wan’s middle-pair that turned two-pairs by the river was declared the best hand.

Because of the ICM deal Hoang received the same amount of money, $1,318,000 AUD, for his 2nd place finish.

2020 Aussie Millions Main Event Final Table Results

PlaceNamePayout (in AUD)Payout (in USD)
1Vincent Wan (Australia)$1,318,000 AUD$907,196
2Ngoc Tai Hoang (Vietnam)$1,318,000 AUD$907,196
3Gareth Pepper (New Zealand)$1,000,000 AUD$688,312
4Nino Ullmann (Germany)$480,160 AUD$330,501
5Erik Seidel (United States)$378,660 AUD$260,637
6Oliver Weis (Germany)$307,820 AUD$211,877
7Nicolas Malo (Canada)$240,080 AUD$165,250