Poker is a multi-million dollar industry that gathers talented and skilled individuals in high-stakes arenas to trigger worldwide excitement from fans, enthusiasts, and other players worldwide. It takes a lot of gut and skill for an amateur player to wander about the halls of big-ticket games and hope to win against poker giants.

But the beauty of poker is its dynamic nature. A combination of skill and chance, the game provides a sobering ground for all types of players who have no say on the hand that they are dealt with. It is in what the player does with their cards, all things considered, that determines if they are skilled in what they do.

Here are 5 key expectations from skilled poker players:

  1. Proper initial assessment of the pot odds given the strength of their hand
  2. Quick and calculated means to assess the potential of their hand at any point in the game
  3. Refined, unpredictable betting strategy that considers the temperament and history of other players
  4. Perfect and seamless bluffing capability to raise the pot, despite the hand strength
  5. Math-based analysis of the other players’ hands, based on the shared cards and their betting strategy