Daniel “Jungleman” Cates seems to be running out of patience.

Displeased at Dwan’s care-free attitude towards the unfinished “Durrr Challenge” and his recent indulgence in luxury, Jungleman was back at twitter to remind his rival about their unfinished business.

Jungleman’s tweet didn’t seem to solicit any response from “Durrr”.

Four days later, Joey Ingram, a poker personality well-known for elaborating on controversies, decided to fan the flames with a more taunting tweet involving the ongoing Galfond Challenge.

Jungleman wasted no time to indirectly address Dwan’s negligence, implying the latter has no sense of honor.

According to some online reports Jungleman apparently deleted a more aggressive tweet saying that “I have no problem calling @Tom Dwan out for behaving wildly unethically”

Jungleman has been waiting nine years for the $1million settlement of the “durrr Challenge”.

Props to the Jungle for behaving wildly patient throughout those years.

Jungleman: “I have no problem calling Tom Dwan out for behaving wildly unethically”

A. Solomon