Poker is a mind game that requires patience and skills however, it is still a card game and luck definitely has a factor as with anything that has to do with gambling. 

Luck wasn’t abundant with the team and only Kim “The Icebreaker” Enriquez qualified so far from the main event. Everybody in the team wanted to win the 1 million euro. But it is a field where the skills of the players are also quite skilled.

Mike Kim was offering his best to support his team. He was cheering them on and supporting them. Every break he would call upon them and cheer them up. 

But being the few Asians on the field. It thus feels a little isolated. 


Needing some time off, A few of the team members with the push of Mike Kim to take time out and have a break and visit Cyprus and enjoy the other facility of the hotel. The team decided to wake early and enjoy what could be a once in a lifetime journey.

Spending some time around the city and the hotel. With the blessing and the push of their leader Mike Kim. The team made their own choices on how to enjoy themselves. 

Some went to the spa. Some visited the old ruins or the scenic spots. Anything that gives them the break from poker. It was a great day for the team.

Kim and Jason wanted to tour the city nearby. Oliver who is part of the team gladly joined them.

It was a rare opportunity for them. in a foreign land with a totally different culture. they could not let the chance escape. They wanted to visit the old ruins but stop by a cafe first.

Some like Tsoomoo’s group did not want to travel too much and wanted just a good massage.

He wanted to relax his body and mind before going out and play again. He was not up to a trip to the city and decided to have a nice Relaxing Massage.

The hotel spa looks tempting hence he made a point to visit it.

It was great and relaxing. after the relaxing massage. He was ready to hit the felt.

When asked about the team. Mike Kim replied

“Cyprus is far away from Asia. normally poker players look at the cost and how many buy-ins it could replace if they chose to stay in Asia. Some of these players may not visit Cyprus for the rest of their life. But the world is a big place. That is why I encourage them to go out and have fun and visit the beauty of the country”

We certainly do wonder what will be the next venture he would go into. There have been rumors going around what his next step will be. Mike Kim was a pioneer in a lot of ways in Manila. The first to bring poker in Solaire and brought in the World Poker Tour. no expense was spared on what was groundbreaking during that time for Manila.


Neverlosepoker and J88 have always been sister companies. The bond between both heads is quite strong. Mike Kim representing Neverlosepoker and Luis Kim Jiwoon exchange pleasantries when they arrived. It was like brothers meeting again. They talk about the team

and the field. While Mike Kim teams enjoyed and welcome the familiar faces. As they have been on the poker table may it be against each other or just enjoying moments.

Although they will be enemies on the felt. They are still one big family which outside the poker table will support each other. 

As they exchange pleasantries with each other. Both Mike Kim and Kim Jiwoon also jump into the main event.

It was fun and laugh and both men still enjoyed the day as they exchange ideas and coffees while cheering both their respective team on. 

Both players did not fare well on this tourney. But both have their respective teams fighting for them. Mike Kim is leading as his pro and some teammates already qualified for day 2.

Mike Kim was always keeping tabs on his team. Every eating period he would make sure to notify them where he is and invite him to join. He has been quite a busy man as he was also monitoring a business expansion that is set in Manila that will be open soon. We would definitely update everyone on this new venture when it is announced. 

As time pass by. Day 2 is about to begin. One of J88 Pro has qualified for the main event. 

Day 2 would be a grueling match at it would start around 8 pm and it could end around 4-5 am in the morning.

It will be a test of patience and skills for our Asian players. Can they bring home the trophy?

Stay tuned!