Douglas Polk announced his retirement from making poker videos in his famous YouTube channel “Doug Polk Poker”, last Monday.

In his final video Polk said: “My heart’s not in it anymore. I just don’t like poker anymore. I’m sorry to say that. I really feel like I’m done.”

Polk allegedly retired from playing poker in September 2018 but continued to make content on YouTube.

Polk started his YouTube channel June of 2016, and now has 286,000 subscribers.

The channel was believed to be a marketing tool to promote Polk’s training site, but then evolved to something bigger for the poker community.

Polk used the channel to comment on all interesting topics that came up in the poker world. His comedic news reporting was well-loved by his fans and hated by his critics.

Polk took pride in maintaining his independence, despite having to deal with a lot of adversities from parties who were not appreciative of his content.

“I always said my piece,” he said. “I never got bought out by anybody in this industry. I always tried to do the right thing. I want to be remembered for my time here that I always tried to do the right thing.”

YouTube Business

Polk explains that he would not be getting out of the YouTube business entirely.

The former poker superstar plans to continue making content on YouTube, but will not have anything to do with poker.

He further elaborates that he would be making five videos a week, focusing on mainstream topics together with stuff that feels relevant to him.

“I’m all in on making it work and I’m really excited for the first time in a while,” he said. “If half a year from now, I’m just failing brutally, I might reconsider things.”

As of the moment, Doug has already uploaded three new videos about current events on his channel “Doug Polk”.